No Seat At The Table

No Seat At The Table is a fictional graphic novel based on real life experiences of residential displacement and gentrification in Turkey and The Netherlands.

Each story tells the unique characteristics of selected neighbourhoods and global essences of gentrification and residential displacement to show both the similarities and differences in residents’ experiences.

In addition to creating this book, we wanted to organise several activities such as dialogues with the residents on this matter and creative workshops with children. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to take a responsibility of minimising the spread and put all our events on hold. Just then, an idea came up: how about we start an online community? A platform where we tell stories from our field trips and stimulate a conversation.

This is where we exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas of residential displacement and gentrification.

For Sale: Multi-culture

I know the Lombok district all too well. Sometimes I go there to do groceries and support the local businesses, sometimes I cycle through it or I visit someone who lives nearby. The district is known as a vibrant multicultural district. Some people call it small Turkey and others again small Greece. This sparkling atmosphereContinue reading “For Sale: Multi-culture”

The team behind No Seat At The Table consists of Minem Sezgin (script writer, photographer, project leader), Jasmijn de Nood (illustrator of Amsterdam), Rajab Eryigit (illustrator of Istanbul), Bob Mollema (illustrator of Utrecht), Erhan Muratoglu (illustrator of Ankara), Murat Otunc & Vincent de Boer (book designers).

The project is realised with the generous support of Het Stimuleringsfonds (Creative Industries NL) and The Corendon Foundation.

Do you have any questions about the project or you want to share your own story? Please feel welcome to send an email to

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